Saturday, June 13, 2020

New Batman: Arkham Game Will Be Announced Soon.

According to a report by Gamereactor, Warner Bros. Montreal will announce the new Batman game soon. The news also matches those previously made by Kotaku.
Batman, one of the most beloved characters of the DC comic book universe, has appeared with its games many times. So much so that Batman series, which is made with high budget compared to other examples, included the most prominent games among these games. However, Batman: Arkham Knight, the last game we saw in this series, appeared 5 years ago.

Players have heard a lot about a new Batman game to be added to the series for 5 years. Unfortunately, none of these turned into reality. If a new game is not released in the next two years, the players will probably lose their hopes, thinking that the series has ended.

However, according to the news of Gamereactor, there is no need to cut our hopes. Because according to the news, Warner Bros. The Montreal studio will announce a new Batman: Arkham game later this summer. According to the news, the studio was actually going to announce the game at the E3 conference, but when this conference was canceled due to COVID-19, the announcement plans fell into the water.

This news by Gamereactor completely matches with a previous report by Kotaku. Warner Bros. in Kotaku's news in March It was mentioned that Games will talk about a new Batman and Harry Potter game at the E3 conference, which is canceled this year.

While we still don't have an idea about when Warner Bros. will launch a new Batman game, getting some positive feedback on this will make players very happy. Maybe the game has been under construction for years, but Warner Bros. has done a really good job at hiding the game.

Warner Bros. Games Montreal studio was the studio that developed the third game in the series, Batman: Arkham Origins. Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, which were released before, were developed by Rocksteady Studios. However, Batman: Arkham Knight was also developed by Rocksteady. So the series is again Warner Bros. It will also testify to Games returning.

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