Wednesday, June 17, 2020

New Trailer in 8K Resolution from South Korean Made Zombie Movie Peninsula

A brand new trailer in 8K resolution has been released from Peninsula, a South Korean-made zombie action movie. Peninsula, the sequel of Train to Busan, one of the most successful productions of South Korean cinema exported abroad, has appeared with its new trailer in 8K resolution. The production, which will take place four years after the events in the first movie, will make its world premiere at the 73rd Cannes Festival, which will take place for the first time in the history of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The film, featuring Gang Dong-won and Lee Jung-hyun, was planned to meet the audience in July, but the uncertainties in the broadcast calendar caused by the coronavirus outbreak have led to the suspension of vision history for now.

On the other hand, Next Entertainment World, producing the film, announced that as soon as the screening date in South Korea is approved, studies will start for international markets. Cinemas in the country were reopened in the past month. Although the number of spectators was quite low before, there has been a significant increase in recent weeks. It is thought that the interest in movie theaters will increase with the introduction of more films in the coming period.

Offering a mix of 28 Days Later and World War Z productions, 2016 train to Busan had a box office revenue of $ 76.9 million in its homeland, and a total of $ 140 million worldwide. Peninsula, which is about four years after the first movie, depicts a new order in which the government was destroyed after the zombie outbreak in Korea.

In the film, shot with a budget of 8 million dollars, we will watch the tension-filled adventure of a soldier who must return to Seoul, where zombies invade for a vital mission. Director Yeon Sang-ho, who gave an interview to ScreenDaily in the past months, said the sequel would not contain the same characters as Train to Busan and would not directly follow the story of the first film.

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