Sunday, June 14, 2020

News That Will Hurt Fans of The Witcher: They Didn't Live Happy Forever

The Witcher's Netflix Officer participated in the publication, explaining the series' heroes, Geralt and Yennefer. Although the fans of the series wanted the duo to live 'happily ever after', he pointed out that this is against the nature of the heroes.
The Witcher's Netflix manager Lauren Schmidt Hissrich recently revealed some details about the future of Geralt and Yen, and said that the wish that "they were happy forever" did not apply to them. Hissrich made the announcement recently on the 3rd and Fairfax: Writer’s Guild of America West podcast.

“The concept of time is something very different for them, so they won't get married and have a quiet life and have children. There is a sex or dating bursts that somehow come back and revisit people, but when they come back that person may have died. ” says Hissrich.

“What I like to imagine is that both Yennefer and Geralt are used to doing it somehow,” says Hissrich. Both of them are single-minded. Also, in the original book, there is no indication that the two lived happily ever after. It is a very sweet dream that the audience wants, but not too realistic. These people will never be sheep farmers and basket weavers. Both have a desire to live on this side of life and death. " said.

Given the incredibly long lifespan as wizards, people like Geralt and Yen live long, dangerous lives. They may be with us in the next century, or they may be torn apart by a parrot tomorrow.

However, The Witcher 3 is thought to meet the audience a few years after the end of the books. When we consider the dynamics there, it seems that Geralt and Yen have some kind of mutual understanding, which largely depends on their being parents of adopting Ciri. Given that the family is highlighted in The Witcher, it would definitely be useful to think about where Ciri came from this cute but incompatible trio who had no one until they found each other.

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