Saturday, June 6, 2020


Story is about a God who differs from other Gods. Our main character is YATO who is a GOD. But this God is very poor. He is invisible and he makes human wishes real as other Gods do. All Gods has their own human souls which can change their human forms into weapons. But YATO does not have a weapon. So he has to find a soul. All human souls can be only one item. Some of them can be weapons. After some accidents YATO finds a human soul and he calls him YUKINE. YUKINE can change his form into a very sharp sword. One day he sees a girl who can see YATO. Her name is IKI HIYORI. After an accident HIYORI gets an ability. She can leave her body and move like a spirit. This anime is very funny. But it is sometimes dramatic too. There are lots of fight scenes which are very cool. The story is very interesting. As a God there are lots of thing you have to do. Just like killing bad souls and making human wishes real. But there is a rule which all Gods obey. Gods make every wish for 5 yen(JAPAN money currency). For me the opening of anime is one of the best openings.

In anime there are about 8 million Gods. But YATO is the best GOD. You will see the difference. There are some scenes which can make you cry. Anime has 2 seasons and some ovas. Also it is better than the majority of comedy animes. Watch and decide yourself. Have fun!

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