Saturday, June 13, 2020

System Shock Remake, New Promotional Video.

A new gameplay trailer for System Shock Remake has been released in Guerrilla Collective. In this video we have the opportunity to spend some time at Citadel Station.
In 1994, the company Looking Glass Technologies launched a production called System Shock, which would later become the first game in a series to be known by this name. This game, which includes elements of FPS, role-playing game and horror genres, has gained an important place among Cyberpunk science fiction.

In the game that took place in 2072, we are experiencing what happened after a hacking in the space base named Citadel Station belonging to the company TriOptimum. After this hacking attack, the artificial intelligence of the station, SHODAN, gains its own consciousness and starts making psychopaths that will search for Hal 9000 with a candle.

System Shock remake will come

Nightdive Studios started to renew the game by collecting $ 1.3 million from the crowd-gathering method from excited fans. In the Guerrilla Collective broadcast, the gameplay promotional video from the new game was released. The challenging journey for the reconstruction of the game continues even though it was interrupted in 2018. It is known that significant progress has been made in the remake version of the game. Even those who want can download and play the demo of the new production via Steam and GOG. Although the demo is currently in Alpha, it looks pretty promising. Although System Shock and sequels are not very well known by the new generation, especially the style of gameplay and general storytelling of the second game are also known as the inspiration for the Bioshock game, which was developed predominantly by the same team.

The game, which is given for free over Origin for a period, will try to attract new fans in its renewed version.

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