Sunday, June 7, 2020


One of the most dramatic and horrorful animes of all time. Story starts in TOKYO. There are lots of creatures which eat only humans. These creatures are called GHOUL which eats humans and there is a war between humans and ghouls. Our main character is KEN KANEKI who is a normal teen. One day he has a date with a very beautiful girl called RIZE KAMISHIRO. After very their date Rize wants to go home. And Kaneki wants to go with him. Because everywhere is very dangerous and it is dark. So after walking for a while Rize shows her real face. She is a ghoul and she wants to eat Kaneki. So Kaneki tries to run for his life. But he can't. Rize catches him and tries to eat him. Kaneki hurts so much and he loses very much blood. Something happens and Rize dies. Kaneki is rescued by doctor. But doctors tell him that we used some organs of that girl for making you alive. After a few days Kaneki gets ghoul powers. Because he is not a full human now. He loses his humanity slowly.

Then he can't eat normal meals. His body wants to eat human meat. But he refuse to eat. He hates from himself. And deny what he becomes. He gets some friends and he stats to learn how lo learn his powers. Ghouls are stronger than humans. They can heal their body very fast. And They have their own special powers. Just like their weapons they create some useful weapons from their bodies. Then Kaneki learns the war between humans and ghoul. So he has to hide his powers. Anime is very dramatic and horrorful. But you will like its story. Actions scenes are very cool and exciting. Ghould use their special powers in fights for hunting or protecting themselves. This anime has a awesome story. Tokyo ghoul has some series and ovas. I advice you to watch all of them. Also there a game for another season of this anime. The opening song of this anime is awesome and it can make you addicted to its opening. Watch and see! Have fun!

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