Monday, June 8, 2020

Valorant overview. Riot Games finally managed to make good games.

Valorant managed to enter the list of popular games worldwide.  It's a game I love to play. The only trouble is that there are errors and cheating.Sometimes I also encounter server problems.As you know, the game was opened to the world from June 2. But we still love the game. Yesterday Valorant made a big tournament for the first time. The prize pool is exactly $ 200,000. Team wtcn and Team Duno faced the final. The winning team was Team Duno. I wish success to new players. Good players always have a chance. But fraudsters have no chance. We hope that those who cheat in Valorant will get their punishment very soon.

Team wtcn squad

  • wtcn
  • Legoo
  • Rogi
  • CNED
  • Kerimhan

 Team Duno squad

  • Duno
  • dimasick
  • archer
  • chiwawa
  • the pipso

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