Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Which game do you think Epic Games will give to players?

As you know, Epic Games gifted users over $ 1,000 games. These games are all popular and expensive games. We still don't understand why Epic Game does such a thing. Some Steam users seem to complain about Epic Games. Others do not care about this issue at all. The main reason they complain is that they give money to the games and buy them. We are entitled to this issue, albeit few. The fact that Steam is silent on this issue confuses us users. This week's game was expected to be Ark Survial. Unfortunately, it was not what users expected.

 On the Steam platform, it is planned to have a summer discount adventure. But nobody has given clear information for now. But it is likely to be done in late June or July. As we mentioned in our previous article, they reached an agreement with the Steam Platform Elecrtronics Art. So we will now be able to access some EA games from the Steam store page. These games are nostalgic old games like Need For Speed ​​series and PlantZombie that everyone loves to play the most. Some games are expensive here, but huge discounts are available for now.

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